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Online Poker Association Embrace BitCoins As The Best Poker

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Online Poker Association Embrace BitCoins As The Best Poker

Postby csxxv » 2014-07-22, 11:00:18 am

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Online Poker Association Embrace BitCoins As The Best Poker Chip
Posted on on December 22, 2013 by by admin
ImageWe Love BitCoin Poker

Many Economists ask what is the intrinsic value . I my self asked this question my self before investing in bitcoins. well I think I got the answer bitcoin and other crypto currencies (such as litecoin or FastCoin are the ideal systems for online gambling payment. bitcoin as the leader of the cryptocurrencies is accepted as payment method in few State of the art online poker rooms.

The bitcoin payment system provide almost instant pseudo anonymous payment systems which cannot be stopped or compromise by any government entity . This Coin Is the ideal digital gambling chip for Gamblers from china to the US . Players in those countries who had to wait with uncertantiy for weeks and some time months to recieve their winning can deposite and withdrawl almost instantly. BitCoin as a payment option is also annonymous and private as long some one dosnt know your bitcoin wallet nobody can follow your transaction. the bitcoin itself become the best investment of 2013 surging in value from few USD up to 1200USD per bitcoin.

another advantage is the lower operating cost of bitcoin online poker room. there is no need in formal registration ,tax payments, and the transaction cost of bitcoins is really tiny so it reduces the costs in a way no traditional online poker room can compete with.

In legal terms It seems playing poker on bitcoin is legal as playing on Zynga chips since it doesnt count as currency or even asset. but unlike zynga poker here you can exchange your chips in hard currency with little effort various exchanges or buy with it in many online shop or sell it to another person who want to take a share in this amazing investment.

As a conclusion we in online poker association embrace bitcoin as the best way to play poker.
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Re: Online Poker Association Embrace BitCoins As The Best Po

Postby Cosmo88 » 2018-01-18, 10:02:11 am

I made this one. Thank You ! It is very helpful. Thank you

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